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Sample Soccer Coach Resume

Mark Bundy
62 Fleming Street
Montgomery, AL 36104

Job Objective: As a soccer coach, my goal is to develop a team of players that will be competitively qualified to be at par with the world class players. Very knowledgeable with the rules and regulations in the soccer game plus my dedication to produce the best athletes this goal be achieved.

Key Skills:

Willing to work and have fun with the team
Excellent sportsmanship skills
Very knowledgeable with the soccer rules
Punctual attitude; physically fit
Excellent teamwork skills
Strong analytical skills, Highly organized


Degree: Bachelor in Physical Education
University: University of Colorado, Boulder, CO
Year of completion: 2004

Work Summary:

Soccer Coach/Consultant, May 2008-Present
XYZ, Milwaukee, WI

Job Duties

Recruited players making sure that there are 18 players in a team.
Developed strategies and tactics to be carried out during the game.
Ascertained that the game or practice do not interfere with the students' class.
Encouraged the students to maintain their class standing.
Set the time of practice, try outs and dry run.

Soccer Coach, January 2004-March 2008
ABC, Sunnyvale, CA

Job Duties

Implemented a strict diet for the players.
Studied how the competitor executes their moves and planned for the team accordingly.
Enforced discipline to players.
Chose the design of the athletes' uniform.
Resolved conflicts among team members.

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