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Sample Neonatal Nurse Resume

Julia Skinner
3106 Hinkle Lake Road
Cambridge, MA 2141

Job Objective: Compassionate and professional neonatal nurse with solid background in neonatal care willing to contribute to the achievement of the company's objectives of providing efficient care to neonates. Trained in handling delicate infants and with vast experience in child health management, this will be achieved.

Key Skills:

• Effective communication skills
• Solid background in Maternal and Child Health Management
• Skilled in administering IV supply Oxygen
• Ability to use feeding tubes, incubators and ventilators
• Skilled in providing emotional and mental support to parents


Degree: Masters in Nursing
University: Clarkson University, Potsdam, NY
Year of completion: 2004

Degree: Bachelor in Nursing
University: Clark University, Worcester, MA
Year of completion: 2002

Work Summary:

Neonatal Nurse II, May 2008-Present
XYZ, Windsor, CT

Job Duties

• Served as the support system for newborns’ parents.
• Assessed newborns’ condition.
• Provided to both healthy and ill infants.
• Took care of infants in incubators and ventilators.
• Taught parents about basic child care.

Neonatal Nurse I, January 2004-March 2008
ABC, Portland, WA

Job Duties

• Helped in treating babies with congenital deformities.
• Recorded health status of babies.
• Monitored newborns’ condition from time to time.
• Observed hospital policies.
• Lend a hand in feeding infants through feeding tubes.